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Parenting Workshop



Connect with Your Child & Teens through Emotion Coaching 

Are you struggling with your child's emotional outbursts

and teen's disrespectful behaviour?


Is your child/teen having behavioural issues

and unable to focus in school?


You are so frustrated and

wondering why the carrot and the stick method is not working.


Emotion Coaching parenting is about helping you to Connect and Empathise with your child first before teaching and guiding. With the bond, they will be more willing to share with you their feelings and issues and you could guide them through problem solving.

Based on the book by Dr. John Gottman "Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child", we will use the principles and methods from Dr. Gottman to help you connect with your child to resolve conflicts without escalating your own emotions.

Book a 1-1 Customised Coaching or Workshop

You'll learn :

  • How to respond to your child's emotions (especially negative ones),

  • How to use emotions for bonding and teachable moments,

  • How to regulate emotions and set clear, consistent limits in problem-solving.

"The workshop & content was comprehensive and helpful"

says a parent 

Research shows

When Parents are Emotion Coach, the child/teen

  • Had higher scores

  • Fewer infectious diseases

  • Could better focus their attention

  • Better at motivating themselves

  • Better at delaying gratification 

  • Coped better with life’s ups and downs

  • Required less discipline

  • Had healthier peer relationship

  • Could self-regulate and soothe/calm their emotions more quickly.


Source: 2015 Emotion Coaching, The Heart of Parenting. The Gottman Institute Inc.

1-1 Customised Coaching

Each session is 1 hour. We will process your anxiety, share with you the Gottman emotion coaching methods and guide you to apply them to your specific issues with your children/teens.

Fees : $140 per hour

Parenting Workshop​​

You could gather a group of like-minded friends or you are an organisation seeking to help parents, please drop us a note and we will customise the workshop towards your needs. ​

  • 3 Hour Session

  • Overview of Gottman methods and practising the 5 Steps through role-plays 

  • Parenting Style Assessment

  • Benefit of small group discussions

  • Learning from one another and normalising - "we're in same boat!"

  • Follow-up 1-1 coaching for each family (optional)

Topics Covered: 

  • How will your kids turn out?

  • What is Emotion Coaching?

  • How do I become an Emotion Coach?

  • The 5 Steps of Emotion Coaching

  • Emotion-Coaching Strategies

  • Father’s Crucial Role

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child Book by John Gottman

“Parenting shouldn’t be simply raising obedient and compliant child but much more”

~ Dr John Gottman

Tricia Lim & Ruby Lee Guesting in Radio Station
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Mother & Daughter looking on the beautiful landscape

"When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it's our job to share our calm, not join their choas."  

~ L.R. Knost

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