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A Mothers hand holding her daughter's hand

A Path to Self-Discovery

Share Your Thoughts – Without Feeling Judged


Through 1-on-1 sessions, counsellors help guide clients through a step-by-step discovery process. With the right outlook and given time, these sessions can help you internalise your inner thoughts, sort out your personal feelings, and introduce a steady sense of support and calm in your life.

Purpose of Counselling


Some questions you might be trying to find your personal answers to might include:


• Why am I unhappy with my life?

• Am I “good enough”?

• How can I just be myself?

• Is there a way to solve my issues?

• How can I manage my anger?

Counsellors will never force or tell you exactly what to do; our goal is to help you find a healthy, sustainable way to resolve your problems, cope with issues, and carry on with a purpose-filled life.


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