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Marriage Counselling Singapore


A Table for Two


Couples counselling involves having both partners present to solve their issues – together. There are two sides to every marriage’s story, and a trained, professional counsellor’s job is to listen, engage, and understand both sides while eventually guiding each to a happier conclusion.


Share Your Thoughts – Without Feeling Judged


Alternatively, some husbands and wives have requested for individual counselling related to marital issues. We do accept that not all people are comfortable with talking to a counsellor. If your partner is hesitant to accompany you initially, a counsellor’s job will then turn to helping you individually. For more information on 1-on-1 counselling, click here.

Purpose of Marriage Counselling


Some issues you and your partner may be trying to find answers to might include:


  • Why are we constantly fighting over the same issues?

  • How can I get my spouse to understand what I need?

  • Can our marriage get any better?

  • I feel helpless because my spouse just won't discuss with me about things that matter.

  • Our marriage is becoming boring and dull, it is not getting anywhere.

Counsellors will never force you to do anything, and we never take sides; our goal is to help you and your partner find a healthy, sustainable way to resolve your issues together and carry on with a purpose-filled life.

Questions | Contact Us

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"To make a relationship last: couple must become better friends, learn to manage conflict, and create ways to support each other's hopes and dreams."
- Dr.John Gottman 
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