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Relationship Checkup

Building a Lasting Partnership

Gottman Relationship Checkup

Ever wonder how healthy is your marriage?

Regular health checkup understandably helps to detect any hidden conditions and disease so that early treatment can prevent the problems from worsening. Likewise, a relationship checkup is a great way to understand in detail the health of your relationship, identify any underlying problems and develop a roadmap on how to restore health and satisfaction of your marriage.

Research-based Tool

Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online assessment tool comprising

a set of comprehensive questionnaire that covers 5 categories:

  • Friendship and Intimacy: relationship satisfaction, romance, admiration, emotional disengagement, breakup risk

  • The Safety Scales: trust, chaos, commitment, and emotional philosophies

  • The Conflict Scales: stress, relationship harshness, and conflict management tactics

  • The Shared Meaning System: shared rituals, values, and goals in a relationship

  • Individual Areas of Concern: individual risks, safety, sex, depression, drug and alcohol use, domestic violence, anxiety, and other psychological or psychiatric issues requiring attention

Developed from over 40 years of scientific research

by Dr. John Gottman,

this relationship assessment tool relies on intensive, detailed, and evidence-based information on why relationships succeed or fail.

It is suited for couples planning to get married, those who want to enrich their marriage, or couples who are unhappy and hope to improve their current marriage life. 

Package Fees

The whole package at $800, includes two face-to-face couple sessions, two individual sessions and the assessment itself.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who created this assessment tool? How reliable is this tool in helping our relationship?

The tool is developed by Drs John and Julie Gottman in collaboration with The Gottman Institute. Dr. John Gottman is a clinical psychologist known for his work in marital stability and relationship analysis. Dr. Julie Gottman is a clinical psychologist who has extensive experience in private practice and teaching settings. The tool is developed from 40 years of research with thousands of couples and relies on intensive, detailed, and evidence-based information on why relationship succeed or fail.  

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

Typically, it takes between one to two hours to complete. The length of time is dependent on the issues complexity. You can choose to either complete in one sitting or by parts if you like. The system will save your input and allow you to continue from where you left off.

What happens after we complete the questionnaire?

When you and your partner have completed the questionnaire, a report will be available on your therapist’s dashboard with the complete results and suggested therapeutic interventions.

Mr. & John Gottman | Clinical Psychologists
Photo from Gottman Institute

Can my partner and I see each other's answers?


No. The assessment is done separately where each of you will receive a unique login and password. Neither of you can access the other’s information at any time, and we encourage you not to share your login information with your partner in order to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the questionnaire.

Will I get a copy of my results?

A summary report will be given to you and the detailed results will be given to your therapist to review, interpret the analysis, and more importantly to discuss with you ways for improving your relationship. You can choose to continue engaging us to work on this aspect or seek other forms of help.

I am interested in the checkup. How do I proceed? 

Great, you can get in touch with us by email at We will invite you and your spouse for a first consultation before you get started with the tool.  

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