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Welcome to Life Affinity Counselling

Life Affinity Counselling is a private counselling and couple therapy practise in Singapore. We specialise in individual and couple counselling for those seeking to heal from personal, relationship, and marital issues.

Why Life Affinity? Affinity connotes relating, being involved, attracted. We believe what gives life meaning has a strong co-relation to our relationships with our loved ones and friends. We are placed in families, communities and workplace to learn how to relate, give and even receive from others. Hence at Life Affinity, we want to help you in finding that resource within yourself to grow, be your best self and live in meaningful relationship with others.


“My husband and I were trapped in a cycle of poor fighting patterns so we sought help some time last year.


Our counsellor equipped us with skills to counter the four horsemen and gave us practical ‘homework’ to do to ensure we are using skills we learnt. She also helped us identify many of our root issues so we could work through them and not just fix the surface issues.

Our relationship has improved and we are very thankful that we now have the skills to learn how to fight well. "


Couple W & M 

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Building & Bridging Lives 

"seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another."

Alfred Adler, Medical

Psychologist and pioneer of “Individual Psychology”

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