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Couple W&M

"My husband and I were trapped in a cycle of poor fighting patterns so we sought help some time last year.


Our counsellor equipped us with skills to counter the four horsemen and gave us practical ‘homework’ to do to ensure we are using skills we learnt. She also helped us identify many of our root issues so we could work through them and not just fix the surface issues.

Our relationship has improved and we are very thankful that we now have the skills to learn how to fight well. "  

Couple R&LY

We were at our wits' end when we came for counselling, as our marriage has slowly deteriorated after having our children. At times we felt like running away from each other.

That gradually changed as we went through the counselling and received valuable guidance on not only addressing the negatives, but building up our positives to continue our journey in the long run. The counsellor not only shared theories, but dove into the nitty-gritty as we worked through actual conflicts. Along the way, that helped us learn directly via experience on how to handle similar challenges on our own in the future, and also helped us feel understood by each other. 

We are glad that we decided to get counseling before our relationship deteriorated even further. We are grateful that now we are in a much better relationship than when we started, and are also equipped to continue cultivating the relationship with the habits we learnt from the counsellor.

Basket of Flowers



"My counsellor has been most insightful, objective and gracious in journeying with me over my long-time relationship problems with my mother. I’ve benefited from her deep well of experience and compassion and am now managing my relationship with greater wisdom and emotional balance.


At every therapy session, there is never any judgement but always a sense of possibility. What seemed intractable and dark is less so now, and I’ve gained clarity about my situation and am able to reframe the difficulties more positively.

While I’m still a work in progress, I am in a better and more secure place now, and will likely make sounder choices.


Life Affinity is a gem and I highly recommend it."

Ms W

"Sometimes it is difficult to know how your mindset and thinking is trapping you in a vicious cycle without having spoken with someone, but you also just can’t approach anybody without the right expertise and experience. Oh, and empathy is also crucial. Fortunately, my counsellor has all the three “E”s. 


I’ve been seeing my counsellor on and off for about 3 years for a plethora of topics - from romantic relationships, to work, friendships, and sometimes even unresolved issues from the past that were still affecting me unknowingly. With the guidance of my counsellor, I was more able to steer myself towards stability, security and calm. My counsellor was also able to provide me valuable insights that I would otherwise be unable to have on my own. 


My journey is still ongoing, but I do see a better version of myself as compared to yesterday. I would recommend Life Affinity to be a part of your journey to a better self."


"I attended individual sessions with my counsellor for a year and a half, and it has greatly helped me understand the intricacies of my interpersonal relationships and how I can adjust unproductive aspects of my thinking to improve my relationships with others. 

My counsellor is a great listener, and is good at identifying areas in my life and mentality that need help. There’s no judgment or shaming in the sessions, and I feel very comfortable bringing up any topic, as my counsellor reacts with a lot of compassion and professionalism.

I see positive changes in myself within just a short period of time, and my counselling sessions have boosted me immensely. It is something I would recommend for anyone who is going through a hard time and need professional advice to heal and move on." 

Tropical Leaves
Mother and Daughter Showing Love to Each Other

Parenting Coaching

Ms CN, mum of 3

The Emotion Coaching workshop gave me a good overview of the techniques and benefits of emotion coaching. However, I was not able to practise it enough in my daily interactions with my three children. So I attended an additional six sessions with a counsellor and it was during the six sessions that I was able to go through the techniques in greater detail and apply these techniques in my daily interactions with the children.


Since then, I have learned how to provide a safe atmosphere for the children to share their thoughts with me and thereafter provide guidance for them without having to scold and nag. It was not easy (and I still struggle with it now!) but I'm glad I made myself learn and put it into practise :)


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